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SONG OF THE DAY #416: Gamers Interlude by Criss Chords (Anonymous Volume!, 2010)

This reminds me of: My sister, who is the most unsuspecting gamer/nerd!

Favorite line: “‘Oh well, you know I’m a gamer/you know I got gamer friends…”

Why: I don’t know why, but that part  makes me laugh. 



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SONG OF THE DAY CUATRO CIENTO QUINCE: Shackles (Praise You) by Mary Mary (Thankful, 2000)

This reminds me of: AL, AT, skits, Saturdays, LRL, SPBC, middle school

Favorite line: “You broke the chains now I can lift my hands…”

Why: I feel like regardless of what you believe/don’t believe, if you hear this song (and you like to dance), you’ll move.



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SONG OF THE DAY QUATTRO CENTO QUATTORDICI: You and I Both by Jason Mraz (Waiting for My Rocket to Come, 2002)

This reminds me of: BJ, TF, my old basement, AK

Favorite line: “I’ll think the bells inside have finally found you someone else and that’s okay…”

Why: I feel like this line doesn’t fit in this song. I’m no relationship expert, but I feel like you would NOT be okay with your former swoon finding someone else if this song describes your current sentiments towards them. 



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SONG OF THE DAY QUATRE CENT TREIZE: How to Save a Life by The Fray (How to Save a Life, 2005)

This reminds me of: WA, RM/S’s J for some reason, prom, Myspace

Favorite line: “And I would have stayed up with you all night/had I known how to save a life.”

Why: I usually refrain from the obvious lines, but I had to pick this one because I essentially thought these words just the other day. Hindsight is 20/20. 



Freeeeee night

Enjoy it xx



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SONG OF THE DAY #410: After The Last Midtown Show by The Academy Is… (Fast Times at Barrington High, 2008)

This reminds me of: Summertime, youth, shows/Warped Tour (do they still do that?), the tiny slice of life when I was as a little hipster, how correct my sister was about how nice this song sounds

Favorite line: “You’ve got everything going for you/so I’ll go for you with everything I’ve got.” 

Why: No one should ever go for the low-hanging fruit. 



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SONG OF THE DAY CUATRO CIENTO NUEVE: Change The World by P.O.D. (Payable On Death, 2001)

This reminds me of: FJ, youth group, parking lots

Favorite line: “Break the cycle, find your rhythm/share the gift that you’ve been given…”

Why: I definitely am not any sort of ace at this but I wonder what would happen if, for six months, we all took this to heart: DIY and love everybody as you have been shown agape love. 



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SONG OF THE DAY QUATTRO CENTO OTTO: Valentine by Shades Apart (Eyewitness, 1999)

This reminds me of: Elementary school, being a gym rat even as a kid, chalk, EO, the top 5 count down at 9 pm that I listened to every night as a kid

Favorite line: “Convertibles and palm trees…”

Why: Because who doesn’t love? it’s summer, anyway. I honestly couldn’t pick just one line to tag as my favorite. This is one of my first Favorites ever. 



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SONG OF THE DAY QUATRE CENT SEPT: Didn’t We Almost Have It All by Whitney Houston (Whitney, 1987)

This reminds me of: Freshman year, Gideon, very poor life choices, figure skating, ME

Favorite line: 'Cause once you know what love is/you never let it end.

Why: I think this is basically true and explains why there are so many people out there starting relationships they have no business starting and staying in relationships they have every reason to leave…which is actually horribly frightening. 



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SONG OF THE DAY CDVII: I Have Friends in Holy Spaces by Panic (! though this is when they didn’t use it) At The Disco (Pretty. Odd., 2008)

This reminds me of: Summer 2008, tours, fearless folks, reckless folks, & calm before the storm..and Garth Brooks

Favorite line: “I’m not complaining that it’s raining,/I’m just saying that I’d like it a lot…”

Why: Sometimes you just have to state your preferences and hope that people don’t get offended. 



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SONG OF THE DAY #406: Before Your Love by Kelly Clarkson (Live Performance, c. 2003)

This reminds me of: Middle school-ish years, CC, CM, this little strip mall close to my old house

Favorite line: "Where the road stretched out in front of me and i realized…"

Why: ….. still waiting to “realize” that I’m not actually living…



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SONG OF THE DAY CUATROCIENTO CINCO: Angel by Shaggy feat. Rayvon (Hot Shot, 2001)

This reminds me of: Middle school, the 9 O’clock countdown on the pop radio station, JP

Favorite line: “It’s all good when you’re little, you have pure fun/can’t be a fool son/what about the long run?”

Why: This has been my lesson this year after reading this game-changer by Andy Stanley— that life is connected. I’ll have fun today but understand that what I do now affects what I can do later. 



SONG OF THE DAY QUATTROCENTRO QUATTRO: Flood by Jars of Clay (Jars of Clay, 1995) 

This reminds me of: FAC, duets, middle school

Favorite line: “When I’m falling…I’m weak and I’m dying…I need you to hold me…keep me from drowning again.” 

Why: Words of trust & hope. 

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SONG OF THE DAY QUATRE CENT TROIS: All I Really Want by Alanis Morissette (Jagged Little Pill, 1995)

This reminds me of: End of summer break, 2001, music videos, DTV, walks down the street of my old house

Favorite line: “I’m like Estella/I like to reel it in and then spit it out.” 

Why: Just this week, I’ve come to terms that this is the story of my life. 



Success is not final and fear is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.
Unknown, but most people attribute to Winston Churchill