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SONG OF THE DAY #441:  Take Cover by Acceptance (Phantoms, 2005)

This reminds me of: My old phone ringtone [RIP BlackBerry], SE, the longest winter ever 2009, SA, DD, transitions

Favorite line: “She starts feeling on her own/she makes the city feel like home”

Why: Every fall, right around this time, I feel a bit more connected to this city. I actually think that today is my cityversary. 



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SONG OF THE DAY CUATROCIENTOS CUARENTA: Soda Pop by Britney Spears (…Baby One More Time, 1999)

This reminds me of: Elementary school, obviously! CD players and listening to this on the school bus

Favorite line: “Show me what you got/just take a pop shot”

Why: This could totally be another example of a lyrics that don’t mean what they actaully say, but this is the cutest, cleanest line ever! 



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SONG OF THE DAY QUATTO CENTO TRENTA NOVE:  Like I Love You by Justin Timberlake (Justified, 2003)

Favorite line: “People are so phony/nosy cause they’re lonely/aren’t you sick of the same thing?”

Why: It’s strange because I’m pretty sure everyone would say they’re sick of this type of behavior…so why does it persist? 



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SONG OF THE DAY QUATRE CENTS TRENTE HUIT: Emotions by Destiny’s Child (Survivor, 2001)

This reminds me of: Summer-September 2001, OV, KP, & this week in general. 

Favorite line: N/A

Why: Um, have you read the lyrics? I really like this song but there is absolutely nothing to like about the lyrics…too sad! 



Someone once told me the definition of hell: the last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.
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SONG OF THE DAY CDXXXVII:  A Praise Chorus by Jimmy Eat World (Bleed American, 2001)

This reminds me: Childhood, KP, music videos in general, EO, LMD

Favorite line: “Things are never gonna be quite what you want/or even at 25, you gotta start sometime.”

Why: I tell myself this everyday. It’s so easy to let a year pass—what did you do with those 525,600 minutes? If you spent them just waiting for the perfect moment or person or opportunity, you’ll be sorely disappointed. To borrow a bit from Andy Stanley, there are a lot of things you can overdo—you can overspend, overeat, even overstay…but you cannot “overlive.” Time is your most valuable resource. Treat it as such. 





Too cute! & I’m not even a cat person.



Too cute! & I’m not even a cat person.

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SONG OF THE DAY #436: My Own Worst Enemy by Lit (A Place in the Sun, 1999)

This reminds me of: NP, TP, AN, HML, black outs, break ups of all sorts, KK, banes, Romans 13:15 (see below)

Favorite line: “It’s no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy/’cause every now and then I kick the living sh*t out of me.”

Why: “I do not practice what I want to do, but I do what I hate.” …Paul totally would’ve gone to a Lit show. #Rock+Religion



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SONG OF THE DAY CUATROCIENTOS TREINTA Y CINCO: Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn (Marc Cohn, 1991)

This reminds me of: Wanderlust, fall 2011

Favorite line: “When you haven’t got a pray…/boy, you’ve got a prayer in Memphis.” 

Why: No place is 100% perfect, and many would say there’s a lot to be desired about the South, but there’s a very quaint and comforting feel to a lot of southern towns and cities. 



All of life is connected…direction (rather than intention) determines destination.
Andy Stanley
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SONG OF THE DAY QUATTRO CENTO TRENTA QUATTRO: Suga Suga by Baby Bash feat. Frankie J (Suga Suga, 2003)

This reminds me of: SM, EI, LRL, 626, fall, 1 year of good music, and sadly, the consequences of fast cars and freedom

Favorite line: “You got me lifted shifted feeling so gifted/suga how you get so fly?”

Why: I know I’ve said this before, but I love singing along to these semi-throwbacks songs as I did when I was a kid but then going, “Oh! Ooooh..that’s what they really meant.”



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SONG OF THE DAY QUATRE CENTS TRENTE TROIS: Season by The Academy Is… (Almost Here, 2005)

This reminds me of: GK, EC, summertime, shows, all of the indie/emo bands I was so in love with back in the day, HS

Favorite line: N/A..for now

Why: Right now I can’t really decide. I’m thinking of a few different things. But I will by tomorrow! 



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SONG OF THE DAY CDXXXII: You Learn by Alanis Morissette (Jagged Little Pill, 1995)

This reminds me of: high school, chores, MTV, DTV, life in general

Favorite line: “The fire trucks are coming up around the bend.”

Why: I really do love ALL of these lyrics, was hard to pick just one, but I think I like this one best because it’s a reminder that help is on the way. Sometimes it’s not enough to just know we’re going to learn from a painful situation or mistake. It’s good to remember that problems can be solved, flare-ups diffused, and you can move on from any setback or major blow even if it’s just because time does.



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SONG OF THE DAY # 431: Your Man by Josh Turner (Your Man, 2006)

This reminds me of: BJ, AB, high school, country music radio stations, my hometown the mall, driving around w/ my mama

Favorite line: N/A

Why: I honestly can’t think of any line that I could choose that would not make me seem creepy!



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SONG OF THE DAY QUATRO CENTO TREINTA: Dress You Up by Madonna (Like A Virgin, 1985)

This reminds me of: ………I honestly don’t think this reminds me of anything. High school, maybe, because that’s the first time I heard it.

Favorite line: “I’ll create a look that’s made for you.”

Why: As a so-called “bossy” person, this line kind of sounds like something I’d say to a Swoon.